San Marino Public School

Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Hemlata Patidar


She is honored and privileged to serve as the Principal of SAN MARINO PUBLIC SCHOOL. Working with our students, staff, and parents fills her with excitement as they collectively strive to make SMPS the epitome of excellence.

Her commitment to our community is unwavering. She leads with enthusiasm and passion, dedicated to enabling us to achieve our goals. Our school is committed to:

  • Holistic Development: We prioritize the holistic development of every child.
  • Academic Excellence: We continuously strive for the highest academic standards.
  • Community Values: Our school reflects the values of our community.
  • Personalized Curriculum: Each child receives a personalized curriculum tailored to their needs.
  • Community Engagement: We actively involve our community in the learning process.
  • Partnerships: We foster true partnerships that value and support each child.

Her door is always open, and she urges all parents to discuss any issues they may have with her. Together, they can move forward and achieve great things.

We are fortunate to have a fantastic school with a supportive and involved parent community, dedicated staff, excellent resources, and, most importantly, incredible students to work with.

Qualifications & Certificates

M.A , B. Ed

Post Graduate Diploma in Holistic Education (PGDHE) from Bhoomi College, Bangalore

Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Certificate in Classroom Management

Certificate in Childhood Depression – Identification, Prevention, and Intervention

Certificate in Capacity Building Program in Life Skills from CBSE

Certificate in Happy Classroom from CBSE

Certificate in Inclusive Strategies from CBSE

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