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Director’s Desk

Mr. Mahesh Patidar


In the journey of education, it is crucial that each student carries with them not just knowledge, but also a sense of fulfillment and joy. This can only be achieved in an environment devoid of competition and authority, where learning is a mutual endeavor between teachers and students. At San Marino, education transcends mere academic pursuits. Here, students are encouraged to not only absorb information from textbooks but also to question and critically analyze the world around them.

For years, San Marino has been committed to the philosophy of HOLISTIC EDUCATION. Our approach aims to equip students with not only academic prowess but also essential life skills. Through holistic education, students explore various aspects of their development, including their relationships, social behaviors, emotions, physical well-being, and spirituality. Our ultimate aspiration is to nurture individuals who are not just successful academically but are also empathetic global citizens, dedicated to the sustainable preservation of our planet.

Qualifications & Certificates

B.Sc, M.A (English)

Post Graduate Diploma in International Education (PGDIE) from Bangalore

'Initial Teacher Training' from BCU, UK

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Certificate in Life Skills Education from Bangalore

Certificate in Soft Skills from Bangalore

Certificate in Experiential Counseling from Bangalore

Certificate in Education in Universal Human Values from Panchgani

Admission Open Academic Session 2024-2025

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